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«Marry a foreigner? Like a breeze!»
Проза Прочее Отзывы Рецензии
  за 100 руб. (электронная версия)
  за 100 руб. (бумажная версия)
  • 2020 г.
  • Объем: 112 стр.
  • Обложка: мягкая
  • ISBN: 978-5-90729-108-9
  • Перевод: [KNG_TRS]
  • Издательство: ИД РИС
  • Возрастной ценз: 16+
  • Продавец: издательство
Ссылки на скачивание книги
…More than once or twice, and sometimes for a long time afterwards, and quite unexpectedly, Nadya’s remembered her amazing trip to Liverpool. The day was full of sunbeams, so soft, so bright… they sparkled in the blue water of the river, refl ected on the few remaining leaves of the old plane trees, and blushed the cool cheeks…
In this new book by Tatiana Alexandrova, you will learn about the diffi cult but interesting fate of a Russian girl Nadia, who was so eager to marry a foreigner.
As though Inna saw it in a crystal ball. Not that the shoes came in handy… But they can still be useful…
She returned from Nicosia four years later. With a two-year-old boy Dimitri. She looked great then. She
answered all the questions saying: «I returned for good. It’s hot there!»
It turned out that the Cypriot did not meet our Inna’s expectations. He gave her little money, and made her work!
And how — to take care of horses! And spurred her all the time, because he was not pleased! And his nasty three adult jerkoffs from the previous two marriages didn’t like Inna, who was young enough to be their sister. In fact, they also worked in the stables at their daddy. But they had to — they are men!
And here is Inna again in St. Petersburg. With her mom and son, in a new apartment on Pushkinskaya, which the Cypriot bought for his little son. So Inna is not a loser!
The phone rang. Sveta was calling to apologize that she could come only much later. Nadia was upset, because it was with Sveta that she wanted to meet, to chat most of all.
Sveta had her own story. She now lives in France, on the Cote d’Azur, in the charming town of Villefranche. Here, her husband has a luxurious — according to Sveta’s ideas — villa, which she invited Nadia to visit. But it’s easier said than done — where Australia is, and where the Cote d’Azur is! You can’t really go there too often. But Nadia has already begun to work her husband up, that as soon as Sasha grows older, they will all rush to the Cote d’Azur…
Sveta was lucky in everything. The classmate, who she had been in love with from school, at the right time — when she divorced her husband — turned out to be single, and his mother accepted Sveta with arms outstretched, and the house was almost on the shore of the Mediterranean (!) Sea…
But there was one BUT. This «but» was Sveta’s mom.
Her Mom gave birth to Sveta late, and now she was a rather old seventy-five-year-old woman. According to her age, she had troubles with her health: first with her legs, then liver, then head… And so that’d be okay if, it is necessary to be treated, than it is necessary, what can be done about it. Treatment abroad is even better. But Sveta’s mother was a hopeless -patriot, and in her youth she was an ardent Communist. She categorically did not like the fact that Svetawas going to leave for France for permanent residency. And yet, the main reason was her antagonism to Alexei. No, of course, if he were from a family of French communists — there are a lot of the kind too! — then it would be OK. But Alexei himself was a descendant of an old noble family, whose representatives successfully emigrated after the revolution. And only Alexei’s father somehow casually got back to Russia, found his former beloved, whose family did not emigrate, made her a baby, and again ran away to his France. «And you just think about it,» Sveta’s mom was saying, «like tree, like fruit — Aleksey left Russia, his native country!». To all Sveta’s arguments that many people are leaving now, it is not the old days, her mother replied: «Let them leave.» And she, she says, will not betray her motherland and will not go to any Côte d’Azur.

Ваш отзыв
Заказные рецензии
А на русском языке есть ?
Юлия Юрьевна Соболенко, 01.08.2020 22:56
Да, конечно, есть. Только не выложили пока электронную книгу. Если интересно, напишите автору в личку.
Магазин на сайте ЛИ, 02.08.2020 19:54
Это хорошо . Спасибо .
Юлия Юрьевна Соболенко, 02.08.2020 21:31
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